Congressman Allen West recently took the opportunity to tour the Twin Vee Catamarans world headquarters in Fort Pierce, Florida. While seeing how the most comfortable boat on the water is custom-made for every customer, Congressman West also took the time to meet with employees. Congressman West received numerous questions about Chinese oil rigs drilling for oil off Key West.


You need to share this posting! The new Twin Vee 35′ Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran is fast, sleek and powerful. Check out these two photos. In one, note the speed of the catamaran and how stable the ride is. AWESOME!  That’s not a bad way to get to your favorite fishing grounds at all.

In the other photo, proof positive that Twin Vee provides the smoothest riding boat on the water today…even in a big MAMBA like the Twin Vee 35′ Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran. Notice how the friends in boat are talking and having a good time — NOT gripping railings to keep from being bounced around. Seeing is believing!

First, thanks to everyone who stopped by to visit with the Twin Vee team at the Miami International Boat Show. We were swamped with visitors throughout the entire show as the new Twin Vee 35 Hydrofoil Support Catamaran and our 26 twin Vee were the hits of the show according to organizers who tracked sales and other activities for the show.

Yes, we had a record number of Twin Vee Catamarans sold and another record number of prospect sales. This is truly a testimonial to building the Best Riding Boats on the Water!

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Wow…that’s the only word I can use to describe the fantastic response to the new 35′ Hydrofoil Supported Twin Vee Catamaran at the 2012 Miami International Boat Show.

There were literally people waiting in line to see the revolutionary new concept from Twin Vee Catamaran…AND, lots of eager anglers and boaters waiting to get a ride for the very first time on this great fishing and boating machine.

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Let us know what you think of this brand new addition to the Twin Vee family. Sam Yates

A new generation and technological advancement in performance and ride that is unsurpassed on the water marks the debut of the Twin Vee 35’ Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran at the 2012 Miami International Boat Show February 17-20.  More than two million dollars has gone into the development of this revolutionary high performance Twin Vee Catamaran. 

According to Roger Dunshee, founder, Twin Vee Catamarans, Inc., “The new Twin Vee 35’ Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran features a main Hydrofoil fitted between the catamaran hulls that act like any classic foil operating in a fluid medium – the top surface generates a low pressure region, the lower surface a higher pressure region and the mass of water flowing past the foil is deflected downwards.”  The result of the pressure differential is lift, generated far more efficiently that the hull planning surfaces are able to do on their own. “Typically, the lift/drag radio of a planning hull is 4:1 while that of a Twin Vee Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran is 20:1. Smaller trim Hydrofoils are also fitted on the inside of the catamaran tunnel near the transom,” added Dunshee.   

These smaller foils play an important role in the automatic longitudinal trim stabilization of the hull in that as they approach the water surface in the tunnel, the bow trims down, their lift decreased (due to the free-surface effects) and then, due to lift reduction, the transom trims back down again.  “Unlike many other foils, these Hydrofoils are protectively fitted between the catamaran hulls and mounted as deep as possible to keep them running fully submerged. They do not protrude below the hulls nor are they wider than the tunnel beam,” said Dunshee.

The Twin Vee Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran model will initially be offered in a luxury Mamba version and a more economical Twin Vee version. “Both of these new Twin Vee Hydrofoil Supported Catamarans are the perfect fusion of open-water performance, ride and fishability. They are serious fishing machines! Twin Vee has always been known for their exceptional value and ride and this new 35’ will greatly enhance that reputation,” concluded Dunshee.

Specifications for the new Twin Vee Hydrofoil Supported Catamarans include: Length 35’2”, Beam 10’9”, Draft 22”, Fuel Capacity 300 gallons, and Max Speed 58 mph with Twin Suzuki 300hp outboards.

The new line of Twin Vee Hydrofoil Supported Catamarans live up to the tough standards of Twin Vee Catamarans. Twin Vee builds the catamarans customers want and have come to trust as being the best in value, performance and safety.  Twin Vee Catamarans, Inc. doesn’t cut corners. Twin Vee Catamarans Inc. is proud to build The Best Riding Boats on the Water™.

All Twin Vee Catamarans are proudly built at the Twin Vee world headquarters in Fort Pierce, Florida. The Twin Vee craftsmen take great care and pride in the production of all Twin Vee products. Twin Vee’s are built using only the highest standard, quality materials.  Whether fishing or cruising, Twin Vee boats are best described as without peer in ride and comfort in any conditions. Built with a unique, patented, sharp-entry bow design and full-keel tracking pads, Twin Vee also offers a limited lifetime hull warranty. Building the best riding boat at an affordable price, Twin Vee is UNDENIABLY the Best Riding boat on the water!

For more information about Twin Vee Catamarans, Inc., contact the Twin Vee Catamarans, Inc., factory toll free at 866-614-2525. You may also visit the Twin Vee website at for additional information. Dealer inquiries are welcome.

The All New 35' Twin Vee Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran

Twin Vee Catamarans, Inc., raises the bar again for the boating world with the revolutionary 35' Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran. There is no other boat like it in the world!